Calgary Pointing Dog Club Fall Field Trial
August 15 & 16 2015

buy neurontin without perscription Saturday started off cold and wet. The rain started sometime overnight and hand not stopped. Despite the cold and wet the decision was made to run the first stake on schedule. At 8am judges Jassen Jackman and Jim Curtis called the first dogs to the line to being the Open Shooting Dog. It rained for the better part of the morning making it tough on the dogs, handlers and birds. It was still raining when the stake ended however luckily Steven Hill was able to get the club tent up which made for a dry place for people to gather and enjoy the delicious lunch Ashley Hill had put together. Saturday afternoon had 2 stakes being run, Open Puppy on Course 2 with judges Vern Brunen & Kate Dowson and the Amateur Walking Shooting Dog being run on Course 1 with judges Mike Jones & Kieth Inness.The puppy course was run to the west of camp and the grounds were well received by both Judges and handlers. The AWSD was being run on the usual course however because of the foot handling it was shortened. The course would run the usual line north from camp along the tree & shrub line however it would cut off the west before McLarny’s pond and it would continue west to the creek then turn south back towards camp. Saturday night’s potluck was a big success. Mike Jones smoked a brisket for the club and anyone wishing to join was asked to bring a side dish. After dinner was over it was time for the judges to read out their placements. Open Shooting dog: 1st Jack (Britt) O/H Terry Gannon, 2nd Willow (GSP) O/H Trevor Michael, 3rd Heidi (ES) O/H Michell McDougall, & 4th Willy (EP) O/H Keith Inness. Open Puppy: 1st Bailey (Weim) O/H Shirley Nilsson, 2nd Picaboo (ES) O/H Doug McKenzie, 3rd Trooper (Britt) O/H Wanda Hogg, 4th Grace (ES) O/H Manette Jones. Amateur Walking Shooting Dog: 1st Jack (Britt) O/H Terry Gannon, 2nd Sarge (EP) O/H Gerry Mclarny, 3rd Willow (GSP) O/H Trevor Michael, & 4th Reese (Weim) Shirley Nilsson. Congrats to all the winners!

The club also spent the spring and summer selling raffle tickets for a club fundraiser. The prize was a custom painted portrait of the winner’s dog by Larry Costigan. The club would once again like the thank Larry for donating such a wonderful prize as a raffle item. The draw was made and the winner was Jassen Jackman. Thank you everyone who purchased tickets. Sunday’s weather was much better but wet birds made it tough for the dogs running the Amateur Shooting dog. Scenting conditions were poor and the wet birds did not want to fly. Unfortunately quite a few dogs had a breach of manners and were picked up early or went without a find. At the end of the stake judges Darrell Curtis & Ryan Jones were able to place 2 dogs. 1st place was Trevor Michael’s GSP Willow with Manette Jones’ English Setter Thelma placing 2nd. The sun came out by the time the Open Derby stake started. Judges Doug McKenzie and Terry Gannon found 4 dogs they liked that day. 1st Wyatt (GSP) O/H Ryan Doolittle, 2nd Bailey (Weim) O/H Shirley Nilsson, 3rd Gus (Britt) O/H Chris Callen, 4th Grace (ES) O/H Manette Jones, & Award of Merit Kavjin (Viz) O/H Arlana Taylor.  Congrats to all the Winners!

I would like to take the time to thank all of you who came out and supported this trial. We ran it a little short on volunteers but it all went off without a hitch, thank you to everyone who stepped up at the last minute and took on a job. I would like to thank everyone who came out and judged the stakes even in the less than favourable weather. Thank you to all of our bird planters, course marshals and camp marshals. Thank you to our cooks Mike Jones and Ashley Hill, thank you Steven Hill for putting up that tent to keep up dry. It’s a job with 4 or 5 people yet you somehow managed to do it yourself with 1 helper. Thank you to the Hill kids who we shamelessly used to sell Calcutta tickets and I am sure everyone at the trial says thank you for ensuring everyone had a pastry for breakfast. Last but not least I would like to thank the trial secretary Manette Jones. She works tirelessly behind the scenes making sure the paperwork is in order and helping me with my chairman duties. Again thank you everyone and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Ryan Doolittle

Trial Chairman